The Wild Card Saloon & Casino, Black Hawk – Colorado

Location of The Wild Card Saloon & Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado

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The Wildly Fun Wild Card Casino and Saloon

The Wild Card Casino and Saloon is a family owned casino located in beautiful Black Hawk, Colorado. It has a very friendly and also laid back atmosphere. It is one of the few locations in the state of Colorado that currently allow gambling. There is a very unique and distinctive vibe about the Wild Card Casino and Saloon, artly due to its location which gives it the feel of a throwback from the old west. The home-style food and smiling faces of the staff keep customers coming back for more. Managed by Ed and Shirley Smith this charming little casino is definately worth a visit regardless of whether you are just passing through or a local to the area.

Location: The Wild Card Casino and Saloon is situated in the heart of old downtown of Black Hawk, Colorado. The historic building it sits in is part of the original Black Hawk which was completely renovated to reserve the interesting design of the old west. It opened its doors to business in 1995 and people have frequented the spot ever since. The staff is friendly and the customer service is great! Whether or not you are a regular or a first time visitor there is a definate sense of care in how the staff treats you. They want you to have a good time. A good time is hard not to have at this casino with its variety of entertainment. There is something for everyone at the Wild Card if you want to stay for an hour or til closing time, boredom will not find you!

Gaming: This casino, even though it is relatively small, has a surprising amount of slot machines. In fact the total number is over 200 with many different varieties. Something for ever slot machine fan out there with wagers as low as one penny. When you visit you are sure to find your favorite slot machine. If you don’t have a favorite slot machine you will after a couple visits to the Wild Card! You will quickly get over the fact that there is not any live tables available for play at the Wild Card Casino and Saloon. There is two video poker rooms on site to use. One is small and located upstairs for those times when you want a smaller cozy environment for play. The larger one is on the first floor if you are interested in a bigger crowd. Whatever your preferred play style the Wild Card wants to accomodate you. I suggest taking a look at their web site for the scoop on the casino’s daily promotions. When you stop by don’t forget to sign up for their daily giveaways.

Entertainment: The Wild Card Casino and Saloon not only has daily promotions but provide other entertainment also. Check their daily calander for events and specials. The casino often times has live music upstairs. There is also a cigar bar on site for your enjoyment! The customer service exeriance the staff at the Wild Card Casino are also a big part of its charm. The staff puts you at ease automatically with their smiling faces and wonderful customer service which adds to the entertainment value of your visit. Really; how could you not have a good time. A wildly good time even!

Dinning: Food! Yes, there is amazing food to be had at the Wild Card Casino and Saloon! You can’t miss out on the food considering it has a wildly low price. There may be only a couple options on the menu but that’s because they serve only family style dinners with a real home-cooked taste to it. There is always brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings, which is another home-style hit. Good classic american food served by a staff that makes you feel at home. Sounds like a recipe for a satisfied stomach to me. At a price around three dollars you can’t afford not to order up. It is essential to the Wild Card experience.

So for all you travelers out there don’t forget next time you are in Black Hawk, Colorado to put the Wild Card Casino and Saloon on the to of your Must Visit list. You won’t want to miss a chance to see old downtown and this historic location. Maybe have a little wild west fun with a modern feel when you play in one of the video poker rooms? How about trying your luck at some slot machines? Literally hundreds to choose from! Even satisfy your cravings and enjoy some good American home cooking. You could grab a high quality cigar at the casino’s cigar bar. All these options are available at the Wild Card Casino and Saloon. For all those locals out there I know you can’t stay away either. There’s even a small grocery located on the main floor. I know next time your other half sends you out for a gallon of milk, no need to resist the video poker room; you’ll find both at the Wild Card. Maybe I’ll even see you there! Food, entertainment, games. Black Hawk, Colorado has a real gem here with the Wild Card Casino and Saloon. So come by, get a bite to eat, enjoy a game. I insist!

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