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Nevada is known for its casinos, especially in the Las Vegas area. Now, there is a new casino that is getting ready to open up later on in the year. This is called The Lucky Dragon Casino which is being built just off the strip on the north end. This casino has an Asian based theme which could attract newcomers and even seasoned visitors. One thing that determines the success of a casino is the type of thought that is put into the project. As a result of the thought put into the theme, this is sure to be a success when it opens to the public.

The Lucky Dragon resort has seen some hurdles and obstacles when it tried to get financing from the city officials of Las Vegas. The officials declined the request. The Lucky Dragon eventually overcame its obstacles and got some financial backing. It is expected to open up later this year. A statement was released that revealed the source of the commitments as coming from the Weidner and Fonfa families. The both have family members involved in the project. One member of the Fonfa family, Andrew Fonfa has developed the Allure condo. William Weidner is said to be the president of the regional center.

The minds behind The Lucky Dragon are hoping to make this casino an authentic Asian experience. Among the features that the company will use is signs in Chinese which will be translated into English. They will also hire staff members that understand multiple languages. They will also have a tea garden for people to hang out at. This is all put together to create the authentic Asian experience. There are also multiple restaurants that serve Asian food to the customers so that they can continue to enjoy the experience of the casino.

As you would be able to see, The Lucky Dragon is going to be very big on capturing the cultures of Asia. Even the games will represent Asia. The Lucky Dragon Casino will primarily feature games that are popular in Asian countries. Among the games that in The Lucky Dragon resort is pai gow and baccarat. Another thing that the developers are going for with The Lucky Dragon is the type of environment that is often missing in the mega-resorts. They are going for a smaller and more intimate environment. This way, the customers will be able to know the staff on a deeper level than most other casinos which are typically too big.

The Lucky Dragon has come a long way from November when it was uncertain as to whether or not this casino was going to get built. For one thing, the city officials have decided to not give the tax increment financing to the project, and they refused to discuss the matter any further. However, this is typical for the city when it comes to casinos. The city has a history of not funding these projects. Any thought about such funding has often been met with resistance. For one thing, The Lucky Dragon would have been able to use additional property tax revenues that would occur. Jacob has denied that the tax increment funds would’ve been used for the development of The Lucky Dragon.

As of right now, the project is 70% complete. Even with the obstacles that got in the way of the project, The Lucky Dragon is now expected to open later this year. People will get to enjoy this unique experience at the casino. The completely different environment is sure to be a draw as well as the unique games that either come from or are most popular in Asian countries.