Three Card Poker


Fun to play and a variety of ways to win are two of the ingredients in the recipe for casino enjoyment that three card poker brings to the table. A single deck eliminates the mind maddening tendency to track cards letting yourself relax and enjoy the challenge in front of you. Two distinct styles of wagering offer the perspective player twice the chances to cash in on that fortunate hand. Three card poker is easy to learn and provides players of all skill sets to effortlessly cash in on their string of good fortune.


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Two Distinct Wagers

Opportunities to cash in this game come in two different forms. The first focuses on the ante bet that is mandatory to see the cards. A pair plus or bonus wager can be made before the cards are dealt to enable an extra bonus that is offered on rare hands. Once the choices are made, each player receives their cards. At this point, a decision is made whether to continue or to fold. If you choose to continue then the play bet is enforced and is equal to the ante. With the decision making portion being complete, the dealer now reveals his cards.

The Need To Qualify

Now the dealer must qualify for the hand to go to showdown. If the house does not meet their minimum standard, the ante is paid even money and the pair plus wager is just given back to them. The excitement comes in when the dealer does qualify. If your hand beats the qualifying dealer’s hand then you are paid for both the ante and play wagers. Now the bonus wager is looked at and if it meets a certain level like a flush then you are payed a multiple of the pair plus wager. Easy and straight forward with action involved with straight forward decisions. Since this game is a three card variant of poker, the player may have to familiarize themselves with a new ranking of winning hands. A straight flush is the strongest holding available. Three of a kind beats a straight. The straight beats a flush with a pair bringing up the rear. The bonus multiplier is factored in by the rarity of the hand and is clearly defined in the pay tables. Simple play that all skill sets can wrap their minds around. The pace is brisk with heavy action being focused on the bonus wagers. Three of a kinds or straight flushes are the memory makers that you will be reliving with friends long past the time you collected your winnings. So take a break from a long hard day at work for some three card poker. Relaxation with the potential for profit is a winning combination to be enjoyed by all.

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  1. This card poker game is awesome. It is easy to learn and provides players of all skill sets to effortlessly cash in on their string of good fortune..

    • Poker is one the rarest casino games you can win long term if you have skills,unlike other games in casino this one doesnt needs 100% of luck…

  2. Dear admin I will play this game but are listed ‘This game is not currently available. (43)’ What happened

  3. Thank you @admin for adding this game of Three Card.

    As I was wondering what is was and how to play it. After your other post about Three Card I had been wondering where to find it.

    @setia_one the game is only available on the Casino Server. As OnlineCasino does not host games here and they all done by the Online Casino Server.

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