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Thunderkick is probably one of the smallest online casino game developers in the world. However, this status may be changing soon. The company is becoming known as one of the most innovative online casino developers around. They have just released the first of a planned line of games that are compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. This new slot machine, The Rift, was released to the public on May 4, 2016. There are a number of online casino’s that now have this available for play. The Rift is set in a dark alley of an unnamed town.

In this alley is a crack in the earth out of which all manner of magical beasts and symbols emit from some mysterious realm. These symbols that magically appear come after players spin the reels. These symbols also include special symbols like wild symbols, free spin symbols, bonus symbols and a Rift Scatter Symbol. There are also what is known as Sticky Wilds. These offer an entire avenue of fun in and of themselves. These are wilds that get stuck to reals if they are not included in any of the 17 paylines.

Sticky Wilds are much to be hoped for because it gives players a better chance at making a big score down the road. Players will find that this particular slot machine game offers an unusually large number of lines. The re-spin bonus is big but the free spin bonus round is even bigger. A spin that puts three such symbols in a row triggers the free spins bonus round. And with these spins players have a chance to win free spin bonus rounds. This bonus round has even more Wilds that turn into Stick Wilds more often.

This doubles the fun. A Rift Spin is pretty much just a specialized re-spin that occurs on a two-scatter trigger. Players will keep getting these free spins every time two scatter symbols appear on the board. There will be about 10-20 of the Rift Spin’s throughout the game. Sometimes the scatter symbols and Sticky Wilds accumulate onscreen for a huge total. And players will also be delighted that the payouts and prizes are very generously large. However, although the payout and prize amounts are generous, achieving either of them is appropriately very challenging.

And payouts are almost always much larger than the bets. Thunderkick has managed to please even its toughest critics with The Rift. The game soundtrac, the game graphics and animation, and the gameplay experience itself are becoming well respected by gamers and reviewers all over the world. These aspects are more than just merely pretty good. They are top-of-the-line and in some cases groundbreaking. So players who have never played The Rift before can expect a very enjoyable and profitable game. Most sites will have ample instructions and descriptions so players need not worry know almost nothing going in.

The site itself is not the only place prospective players can view a trailer and details about the game. Thunderkick also has a Youtube trailer depicting and describing The Rift for those who want a better look before trying it out. This YouTube video has a trailer that both shows the look of the game and gives details about the game itself. Players who opt to play this exciting game, should know that it is not an easy game with each-to-achieve victories. Victory will definitely have to be earned. Players will need all the luck they can muster. But this game is so fun that the payouts and prizes might even become less important as players just have a blast playing the game.