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    $1 Million Poker Tournament on Winning Poker Network

    As I have journied down this road before and yet I am face-to-face with another chance at $1 Million Poker Tournament. During my time I have been lucky enough to have won the chance at this prestigous Prize in Online Poker. And today I am face-to-face with another chance to make it to the dance.

    I play No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Online for real money and have done so since 2010 and this is one more chance to go for the Gold. I play Poker on Americascardroom and BlackChipPoker of which both are on the Winning Poker Network (WPN). Tonight I played the first of many Satellites for the chance to play in the Final Satellite to the $1 Million Tournament.

    The Top 100 Players move on to play in the $1 Million game next weekend on October 11th @3:30 pm Eastern US time. I am in good position to hopefully make it in one chance as the rebuy is $80 to stay in it if you lose all your chips. So I definitely want to play my best during that time.

    The last time I had this chance was when US Players could play on PokerStars and I had beat out 30,000 other poker players not once or even twice, but three times to earn the right to play in the Massive $1 Million Tournament on PokerStars. And only the Top 108 made in each round so it was an accomplishment I wont forget. And now I am faced with one more time to prove I am a good Poker Player.

    But when I beat out over 90,000 poker players to play in the $1 Million Tournament in PokerStars something happened that changed our lives forever. As it was scheduled to play on that Super Sunday, the US Government Stepped in and stopped all online Gambling for US citizens on Friday on April 15,2011 and the $1 Million Tournament was scheduled for that Sunday. So when the US Government stopped all online poker gambling I lost my chance to play in the Tournament. I was very depressed and it took sometime to get over.

    But now over 9 years later I am faced with one more chance to play in it. As I have to place in the top 100 players to be able to play in the $1 Million Tournament. So wish me luck and give me some support as I will need alot of it.

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    Wow ! @ardodd ! Today, I am very glad and surprised as well after knowing that you’re as much good Poker player. And my dear ! I wish you very very very … BEST OF LUCK

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    I full support to you @ardodd I wish you all the best.

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    Thank you @hafiz786 and @shirish5 for all your support and encouragement. I love playing poker online as much as I love help others earn money online. And this is hopefully a good thing for me as it has been a long hard life.

    I received a letter from the Social Security Administration here in the United States we can file for Disability. They completely turned me down and said I need to find some other way make money as they dont feel I am in pain or need assistance. So this hopefully will help me.

    I may not be able to participate as much as I need to find a good poker coach to help me prepare for this tournament. And it will take lots of hours reviwing all my plays and making new adjustments to my playing style.

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    But why they said that you need to find other ways to earn money? What they really meant by it? Can you please share more with us regarding their letter?

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    Sure @hafiz786,

    The United States Government collects taxes from any money you make. They do this in the form of Federal Taxes which goes to operate the US Government. And then we pay a Social Security Tax that goes to paying for our elderly and those disabled. When one can’t work or perform the job of a normal day then they can apply for assistance in the form of Social Security Supplemental Income known as SSI for those low income people who can’t afford to pay all their bills because of some disabilities.

    Then the second is Social Security Disability which gives you monthly payments because one is not able to perform any kind of productive life to earn income. this is different from SSI as it is for those who will not be able to work at any level.

    Where do I fit into all this?

    I have injured in the Military and was discharged from there with physical disability to my knees. After getting out of Military I was involved in a chemical plant explosion which left me disabled with 2 back surgeries and 9 years to recover. Then in 2001 my knees from my injuries while on active military duty had to be repaired. And this left me unable to work almost a year again. But after determination and rehabilitation I returned to work again not like I did before, but with limitations.

    And in 2004 I had lost feeling in my right arm and hand and had to have corporal tunnel surgery to my right elbow to repair the tunnel in it as it had collapsed. And they had to remove or pull almost all the skin from my elbow to repair it. And now I am left without any feeling in the elbow area. I can hit something with it and never know. Plus big long scar from the front side of my elbow all the way to the back side of my elbow. Darn near a complete circle.

    And in 2009 my left knee had collapsed so bad that when they went inside to repair it they could not get the camera in my knee and had to cut their way into it. And once inside they found bone fragments behind me kneecap, behind my knee, in front of my knee, and then found that my knee bones had actually fractured and looked like a spider web with all the hairline cracks in it. But they were able to resurface it and I was able to return back to work. Only I was threatened with losing my job if I did not return to work right away, so like a dummy I did and my knee has never healed up again.

    Then last year I was involved in a truck wreck that left me with buldging disc from my neck all the way down to my lower back. Some them can repaired with laser surgery but the lower back which was injured in chemical plant explosion is not fixable unless I have fusion done to it. Then in March of this year I slipped on a Casino handicap ramp and twisted my same knee that had surgery to it completely behind and to the outside. So it has left me with a knee that is so bad that I can not walk on it correctly, nor without a cane or crutches at some times.

    But the Examining doctor for Social Security and the people in the US Government decided that I am able to do some form of work and be able to pay bills. Thus they turned me down for disability and told me to go to work. Now 10 years ago I might of had the determination and strong willed to do it. But no that I am 47 years old and almost every part of my body does not move without pain it makes it very hard to even stay here long enough to keep writing.

    And when I play poker I cant stay in chair very long as it hurts so bad in my lower back that my legs go numb. So I have to try and move around some just to stay playing. But it not a productive way of life, as poker is a game of chance and skill. One day you might have it and the next you dont have anything and lose it all.

    So for me it is heart breaking to think that my government feels that people that have a bad toe are able to get disability. But as person like myself that tries his best and is not able to work due to so many injuries and pain, can go out and make a living for the poor sucker that has a bad toe.

    I may be rude and not able to understand how I have I given all I can in my life and unable to work now, but expected to go out and send in money so that poor person that has a bad toe can have a paycheck. I am not understanding at all and feel if they walk, talk, sit, stand, bend over, and breathe then they too can get out there and send me a paycheck. But as I have said in my life no one ahs ever given a dang thing in life and I have earned it every time.

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    Update October 11,2015 @3:01 PM Central US Time,

    Well it is a sad day for me as lots of unreal and bad things have happened in last two days. As I reported on this post I had won a Satellite ticket to play in the $88.00 Buy-in Game which 150 People would move on to play in the $1 Million Dollar Sunday Game.

    It did not go good toady at in the first hand I played in I had AKs of Clubs and called a Pre-Flop Raise. When the Flop come it was Qc Jc Ks which meant I had paired Kings and the other guy bets so I call. Then the turn brought like a 3 if I remember correctly. Anyways he checked so I checked.

    Now I had two ways to win the hand. One was with a Straight to the A, which meant I had 4 outs with 4 ( 10’s ) out there. Then I had a Flush draw, which meant I had up to more 9 Clubs left. With that many outs I had 13 outs to make my hand and in poker those are goods odds.

    Well unforunately none of the above happened and I did not win. After that I was very low on chips and could not stay in so I went out by playing A4s of hearts against AKo and lost to 3 of a kind K’s.

    But that was just today and last night I had a very disappointing game. As I played in a 1 Seater Tournament to the $1 Million game today. I had played for 5 hours and had out beat 700 other players to be down to 2 people left. That is called Heads Up in Poker. I had taken the lead by beating the 3rd player left and it give me 750,000 chips. The other guy had 330,000 chips and I had been dominating the whole Final Table. A Final Table is called that because there is the last 9 people left in the game.

    And as fate would have it I kept getting disconnected on the server. And it would not let me play against this guy. It was able to connect once or twice but then it would kick me off again. And I was not able to disconnect until after the game was over and I had come in second. So all my dreams of playing in the $1 Million Game today was crushed. And then toady after losing that big hand I am not able to even have the heart to play anymore.

    I know as most arrogant people in poker are like it was freeroll and you got disconnected. And you did not make it to the $1 Million Dollar Sunday, say they told me ( Who Cares ) just move on and play another one. The support for the Poker Room told me there was or is not anything they can do about it and I should just play more and maybe one day I will Lucky and make it.

    Just very disappointed in peoples attitude. So I am just going to lay it down and move on.

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    Oh ! OK ! @ardodd

    I can only wish you best of luck my dear. We are all with you and in your support… and always will be…

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