10 days ago I made withdrawal for 5000 points !

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    10 days ago I made withdrawal for 5000 points. And I am still waiting for the completion of this cashout. I am worry why OC is not completing and sending this amount to me. If you have any idea for this too much delay then please help me ! Thanks in advance !

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    My withdrawal last month was processed in 12 days hope you will be paid in 1-2 days.

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    Thank you @shirish5 ! I also hope so. I have also read about your this one payment. And I wish you best of luck for your this turn, as I have seen you’re near to complete 5000 points again.

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    @shirish5 is correct. You should not be worry about payments. I also hope they will send your money in approx. 1-2 days. Best of luck !

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    congratulations for your efforts to earn 5000 points you rest assured you will get your payment on the oc

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