$2500 Weekly Draw is on Hold !!! Read First !!!

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    $2500 Weekly Draw is on Hold !!! Read First !!!

    @admin has Responded to our Request in the Forums about Upgrading the Weekly Draw.

    In response to @admin showing good Faith and understanding our request they have Updated the $2500 Weekly Draw Page.

    We the users of OnlineCasino want to Thank @admin for hearing our voices and Replying with Positive Response. As users and contributors of OnlineCasino we need to be diligent in our efforts to help @admin and his website grow in a Positive way.

    At this time @admin has not given any details about the Upgrade so anything we discuss would only be speculation and not based on Facts. So I ask of all Members and users to be Patient and not post a lot of questions about the Upgrade Progress.

    @admin has Posted on the $2500 Weekly Draw Page that he will update us on the progress when he has something available.

    I thank you @admin for allowing us to participate and earn through OnlineCasino.

    Thank you everyone for your Patience and understanding in this matter.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1145"]$2500 Weekly Draw Upgrade $2500 Weekly Draw Upgrade.[/caption]

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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    It is great news that @admin has quickly responded to member suggestion. I would like to see the new weekly draw upgrade and thank you @ardodd for the valuable suggestion.

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    Thank you @shirish5 but most of the suggestions come from members like yourself that have expressed a disappointment in previous ones.

    All I did was take what everybody would like to see and make it fit into a $2500 Budget.

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    Yes, you are correct @ardodd now we will wait and see @admin will definitely bring a good improved draw.

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    You are 100% correct @shirish5 OnlineCasino has the best Reputation in the industry for Loyalty and Commitment to Customers.

    @admin has always treated everyone fairly and with compassion.

    So I know without a doubt in my mind that @admin will unveil a New Upgraded Weekly Draw Program that blow this world away. With so many New Suggestions from members like yourself @shirish5, @post2search, @hafiz786, @Smith, @Dado there is no doubt that this New Upgraded Weekly Draw Program will change everyone’s lives.

    I will not go as far to say that some of the area’s that I suggested a change in might have to be migrated into a Monthly Draw. If everyone would hear me out first, some of the areas that were submitted are very small amounts. And yes every little bit does help, but the One Biggest area I did not cover needs to be addressed.

    What was Not Covered: 

    Participation in Signing up for Casino Offers

    Why is it important to have members signup for Casino Offers?

    The biggest reason that needs to be addressed is that we are here to Learn about Online Casino’s. And not just here to earn money daily for talking about them. As @admin and OnlineCasino’s income is from our Participation in the Casino’s. So it is without a doubt in my mind that one of requirements to eligible for the New Upgraded Weekly Draw will be our Participation in the Casino Programs.

    • When we Join a Casino @admin is paid percentage for out participation.
    • Most of the Casino’s that @admin has listed on OnlineCasino have a free signup Bonus.
    • Most of the Casino’s offer free money for signing up.
    • The Casino’s themselves will offer special bonus’s for deposits.

    I know that almost everyone is going to disagree with me as many of you have never played a Casino before. And you are not willing to take your money and use it on Casino Games. And I also know that most of you do not want to do this because you do not want to lose your money.

    Honestly @admin knows this and would never make you use or lose your money for any reason.

    So with this being known, understand that what we make on OnlineCasino is not necessarily   ours until we ask to trade our Points for Cash. Now also know that if @admin where in some way to help everyone setup a special fund that pulls from the general population of its members. To make a Fund for playing Games on Casino’s.

    Why should we all contribute a part of our earnings to a Special Fund for playing Online Casino Games? 

    To me it is simple I would use a portion of my earnings to Participate in Online Casino Games than spend all my own money. Because some of the Casino’s do not offer a Signup Bonus for Joining. So with a Special Fund put aside by @admin from the general population of our members we can ask for a player2player of funds for @admin to share with us to play on.

    I am not talking about taking $20 or $30 a month from us. No I am talking about maybe $1.00 to $2.00 each month from all members. So the General Casino Fund would be around $6000.00 to $12000.00 each month. And NO you do not have to Participate in this Special Fund as it would be Optional. But you would Not be Eligible for the Monthly Casino Participation Drawing.

    So to make it clear that if you Opt to not Participate in the Casino Games General Fund you will not be Eligible for the Monthly Casino Participation Drawing which could include possible:

    • Cash Prize Awards.
    • Casino Money Awards
    • Possible ( Optional Awards ) done every 3 months: iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop PC

    I just want to make it clear upfront that you do not have to participate in anything like this as it is just suggestion to Boost the Moral and Participation in the Online Casino’s.

    ***And remember it is our playing these Online Casino Games that brings in Money for @admin and OnlineCasino to help us Earn Daily*** 

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    Wow. This one is really a great and good news for all of us. And all of this is just due to you @ardodd. Thanks a lot !

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    @hafiz786 all of this is due to the members of OC that worked their tails off to make OC what it is today.

    People like you @hafiz786, @shirish5, @post2search, @Dado, @Smith, @ardodd, @admin and the list goes on and on.

    So it is not one person that is suggesting these changes but the whole membership of OnlineCasino that has requested such changes along the way.

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    Sorry for being late to give my response on this news. Thank you so much @ardodd to share this news with all of us. I am very happy today for this news. I hope now @admin will make members friendly rules for these weekly draws.

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    I apologize for my absence from OC..which was due to some health related issue’s..

    @admin I know it has been some time since we touched base on this kind of Weekly Draw, and am asking you to Review over it and see if it something we can use now or in the near future..

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    I have also visited the concerning page of weekly draws many times. And weekly draws are still disabled. But @admin has added Lottery game for us. All members should give it a try.

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    I agree 100% @Guddu all members should check out the New Lottery.

    This article was written shortly after the weekly draw was discontinued and is a way for us as members to work with @admin to try and find a solution to fix it.

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    @Guddu ! I have given so many tries to lottery game. And even for once I have gotten a issue for which @admin has recovered my points.

    @ardodd ! I have no any idea to help @admin for fixing weekly draw’s issues ? The reason behind it that I haven’t seen any weekly draw so far. I joined this site when weekly draws were disabled. And I have also noticed from last some days that @admin has removed navigation link for weekly draw from this site.

    Now there is only lottery game which we can play with our points.

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    As @admin has enabled lottery game and points to refer he will surely enable weekly draw all members are eagerly waiting for his decision.

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    I am very sure if the program weekly draw has been improved with a more attractive, will attract many more members to participate in this site

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