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    I see the questions in the Q & A admin is little desire to add more topics than in the system question Q & A for members to answer and earn extra points

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    @hahuutrung your newness and excitement are a welcomed site..

    One of the reason’s there is not a opportunity to create new Q&A is because most of the questions and answers seem to be repeated over and over just for points reasons.

    Imagine owning your own website and paid people to ask questions and to answer them…over time people have a tendency to repeat the same question over and over to get money from you for it.

    Example: Asked by John Doe

    Question: “How to make points”

    Answer: Participate by answering questions of others daily.

    Take that example imagine 100 other asking the same question in a different manner for points. Now you promised to pay them so now even if you are tired of people asking that question over and over you agreed to pay them for it. So now instead of one person asking that question you have 1000 people asking that same question and expecting to be paid for it.

    That makes the Q&A hundreds of pages long of people or even the same person asking that question differently and you owe it to them to pay them for it.

    Example; Asked by John Doe

    Asked differently: “How do I make Points on OC”

    Answer: Participate

    So now John Doe has asked the same question twice. And in the process he got paid two times for asking the same question. But lets say that someone else decides well I need points so I need to ask the same question so I can get points for it. So now they go and create a Q&A for it also.

    Example: Jane Doe

    Question: “How does OC give Points”

    Answer: Participate

    I hope this helpful as too many times instead of asking new questions, people tend to rearrange the question and think it acceptable. First always look to see if there is a answer for your question. Don’t just go ask the question for points. That is not what OC is about.


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    This really is very good suggestions but also on governance review should hardly acceptable even

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