As per new rules Do I get points for commenting on my own forum or Questions Forums Points Questions As per new rules Do I get points for commenting on my own forum or Questions

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    As per new rules Do I get points for commenting (for giving reply to any of the member) on my own forum or Questions

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    I replied to member on my forum post but I did not get points.

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    Since i join to OC if reply in our Topic, we can’t get points

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    @shirish5 I think @Dado is correct. I don’t think I have ever received points for replying on my own Forum Topics. What we were getting points for was views and comments on the Forum Topic. But now we do not get those points anymore, so it does make it more difficult to earn.

    I lol at it differently than others do, I don’t start a Forum Post to make points for myself only. I do it to help others find answers. I comment on others Forum Topics to get points. And build relationships with others.

    I know most of you from posting on your topics and posting on my topics, so we have built a working relationship where you comment on my topics and I in turn comment on yours to help each other out.

    Just a reminder OnlineCasino is not a Get rich site, we work hard to help each other.

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    ok thanks for updating me all of you. one thing more, if I reply on my forum should it counted as comment which i have done in a day. means should it me counted in my per day limit.

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    @Ardodd¬†You’re absolutely right. We have to help each other. And of course there is not any points for replying our own topics.

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    No we are not awarded by points whenever we make any activity on our own posted stuffs.

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    you can get points from your question the rules on the oc

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