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    As we all know that just USA members are allowed to join OC. So, I want to ask just one question and that is ‘ If you’re not from USA, then how you’re here as a OC member? how you join this website?

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    Dear @smith? Nice question. As you’re new to here on this site at this time, when there are just USA members are allowed to join as newbies. So, one more thing to keep in your mind is that, This rule for new joining is not from the early days when this site come to existence. Before this rule, people around the World can join this site. We are all the members of OC from that time. So, we are still here. Because OC changed rules for just newbies to join not for the already existed members.

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    I think the rules are changed now the people can join OC website from every country except some countries.

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    Now again OC is open for all countries. Now anyone can register to OC without any trouble on countries or areas basis.

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    oc is now open for all countries enrolled members except for the oc oc some countries that do not allow to be registered

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