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    Hello OC Users, i hope you all have a good week.

    I would like to suggest you some important information about making OC more useful, active (for new users) with more opportunities and points for everyone.

    All the new topics you create is about points, when and how much you can cash out.
    What i strongly recommend is to write more about new games, slots, casino news, new rules, (countries-states), about people and general about what is happening now in the world of gambling. Spend some time reading about news and try to bring a subject in our forums and help other people to join us with serious and responsible questions (answers).

    Users that will follow the improvement of our forum will be rewarded like our gold member ardodd.

    Thank you all. 🙂

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    Thank you @admin, I will contribute to improvement of forum as per your instruction.

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    thanks admin announced this important news I will try harder to create more themes useful forum for members and oc further development in all areas

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    I do appreciate everything that you and all the members of OC have done for me over the last many months when I have been at rock bottom of my life with injuries.

    I apologize to all those that had come to expect insightful articles and tips from me, as it is very hard to set in a desk chair once again and type. As with the complications in my neck and back are making it almost impossible to even want to get out of bed anymore. As my family tries to remind me and encourage me to try harder everyday that I am not a quitter and have come back from many injuries before. I just have to know my limits and boundaries.

    Enough of that, the Topic of this Forum Post is about quality Post and building a reputation around those post. I have shared many times about “How to Create Topics”  and where to find the information to make those Forum Topics.

    Number 1 always read what @admin had created in the Official OC Blog pick out a topic and then come to the Forum and create a Post about it along with what things you learned from it.

    Take for example the New Casino “Bovada” have any of you read about it?

    Why not go to the blog read up on it and come back here and tell me why in your own Forum Post you like Bovada. And then explain what you can do on Bovada Casino.

    Break down and try some of these offers then come back and write a Forum Post about it. Give good details and explain how to play the games.

    Spend more time in the blog and learning about Casino’s.

    You will not be disappointed…I promise.


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    Keep posting interesting Casino News OC users, like Ardodd suggest, lets make an informative website for Casino Users with information about games, the experience of the users in Online Casinos.
    Thank you Ardodd for your great contribution in our Forum and we hope all goes well with your family, we count on you . (Keep posting great informative articles.)

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