Basic Poker Hands for Beginners

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    Basic Poker Hands for Beginners

    Basic Poker Hands for beginners is very important to learn before playing Texas Hold’em Poker. In this Edition we will be Discussing Basic Hands and how to Identify them. As there are many combinations of winning hands that anyone player can possess during a particular hand session. I will do them in sections of Four to break them down to help learn each one.

    Basic Poker Hands

    Royal Flush

    Illustrated by the first picture at the bottom.

    A Royal Flush is a sequence of Poker Cards that starts with the Ace and goes through to the 10. Meaning it is the highest possible Flush available. Looks like this:

    Ace – King – Queen – Jack- Ten all of same suite and color. See Example below….

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="254"]basic poker hands for beginners royal flush Royal Flush[/caption]

    Straight Flush

    Straight Flush is a combination of 5 cards that are in sequence to form a straight and a flush. As Illustrated below the cards go from 7 of Diamonds to the Jack of Diamonds and are all suited of same suite. Now you hope to be able to obtain the best possible straight flush by coming as close to a Royal Flush but with only a King high Straight Flush.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="254"]basic poker hands for beginners straight flush Straight Flush[/caption]

    Four of a Kind

    Four of a Kind also referred to as (Quads) is when your hand has one of two possibilities. The first being you have one card in your hole card and three of the same kind on the board. Second being you have a pair in your hole cards and two of the same kind on the board. Which will look similar to this:

    You have a Pair of 8’s as your two cards.

    And the Board has two 8’s which gives you Four of a Kind or (Quads).

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="254"]basic poker hands for beginners four of a kind Four of a Kind (Quads)[/caption]

    Full House

    A Full House has a combination of a Pair and Three of a Kind (Set). This can be accomplished in many ways as a Full House can start with tow hole cards that match three other cards on the Board. In this example say you had 10 – 7 as your two hole cards, and on the Board there is two 10’s and another 7. That gives you a 10’s over 7’s Full House.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="254"]basic poker hands for beginners full house Full House[/caption]

    To keep this simple I will be adding more Poker Hands for Beginners along with time to ask questions. As it is more important for me to help you learn what they are than just run through all of them and hope you learn something.

    My Goal is to help others Learn and Grow into Strong Poker Players. And it helps me alot by going over the Basics and refreshing my Poker Knowledge.

    Til next Edition…


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    Nice Tutorial !

    Thank you so much @ardodd for this guide. Keep it up … Plz !

    I will wait for your next tutorial…

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