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    Well i have seen that Questions& Limitation

    What are the daily limits of earning?

    New OC forums Topics = 10

    Forum replies = 10

    New Questions at OC = 10

    Answer to questions = 10

    Comments to OC Blog = 25what does it means , 10, 10, 10, 25 are points in a day, or number of asking/replying/commenting limit???


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    @@shahzadmalik I was sick yesterday and did not get all the updates for Points. So help me understand what you are saying how points are going.

    I noticed earlier I am not getting points for viewing pages now. So this is different, and no surprise at all. It is done because others may have been using tactics to get 1000’s of hits a day. Which turned into nothing but a point stealing thing that cost OnlineCasino money from. Like I said yesterday the tactics that people are using to steal points are being exposed and those of us that work hard to buildup this community honestly will have to suffer also. So we need to be thankful we can still make points.

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    yes you are right but OC is new rule start ans point policy is change

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    Yes @SUJIT you are correct we only get 5 points now for a answer to a question. Now is there still a Limit on the number of questions we can answer?

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    It’s not about money, it’s about the site speed.

    I am sorry to say that we have discontinued some of the ways that you can earn points, and this is because for the massive abuse that we are not able to handle.

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    Dear admin,
    Whether this provision applies permanently or only to temporarily? Thanks

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    Thank you @admin for the explanation.

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    @ Bewox : I think This rule seems to be permanent

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    well @Administrator I can understand that these sudden changes are happening due to the massive abuse, But after the changes the number of members including me are not getting points according to rules for some activities, even they are sincere and working hard at OC,

    In my case after the changes I am not getting the points for View that made on my forum topic and Questions, even members are replying on them but still no point, as at my one of forum topic you have mention that you get points for view when someone reply on it.

    Moreover, Loss 25 points whiling just hit the submit button at Blog comments, this happen to me three times.

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    Some recent days was heavy. I can not give a good comment. I am tired.

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    Please be patient and everything it should return back to normal soon.

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    Thanks admin I hope everything returns to normal soon.

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    Thank you @admin it is greatly appreciated and grateful that you still are willing to accept and work with us through this hard time.

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    Everything is back to normal, its very releasing, now we can go back to our activities at OC

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    @shahzadmalik these are old rules. Check new rules at ‘Earn money at OC’ page.

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    @admin is correct. Due to heavy abuse, they changed their rules for earning.

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    These are number of posting limits per day. Thank you @admin for your kind contribution here.

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    thanks admin on admin provided information that respects what I am doing admin

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