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    is it required required or necessary to convert points into cash before clicking the cash out?

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    It is very compulsory to make the conversion of your points earned to cash for you to cash out cash, you can not cash out ordinary points, Minimum and maximum cash out  is 5000 and 50000 points respectively

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    When you enter info in the box I think points will be converted.

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    I do not know because I’ve never done

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    it will switch when you enter the point

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    I think, points conversion to cash, and also CASHOUT both are same to same.

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    Yups it’s important to convert your points into cash first to calculate how much points you want to convert to money. After that you can click “cashout”

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    I think, cashout and conversion method is same. I have made my first cashout. I just put my points and click cashout. Simple !

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    Yes this is necessary because it show the limit of the amount for the cashout.

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    This is necessary when you transfer money to a cash point card on your account

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