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    Do you find that the point for replying on forum topics has been decrease to 5 points?

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    Yes Notice that thing, Getting 5 points for reply but in regulation 10 points are mention for replying on forum and Q&A

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    yeah right, now there are some new changes in OC on points earned, but not yet listed in the written rules in

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    The new policy rules of OC has not been issued, we must wait on the admin.

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    Unfortunately all the Points calculations at this time do not reflect the actual points made. So yes if you only get 5points then we need to be happy we can still make points now.

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    I hope that there will be official announcement from OC soon on the changes. Unless that comes we can not come to any conclusion.

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    Points for all activities have been decreased.

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    @ardodd you are right but I think this sudden huge reduction discourage the members !!!

    Even There is Problem in Points of Each View made on our Forum and Question as I am not getting my points for last two days

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    I do understand everyone’s frustration and it seems very drastic to me also.

    @admin I would like to say you are doing a wonderful job at running OnlineCasino. And all that goes into doing daily things to make it work.

    Can I make one suggestion though. In my country the United States if we want to make changes to any payment or policy we have to at least put it in writing on the website and send out a Notice to all Members notifying them of the changes before we do so.

    In your country that may not be the case, but it is good ethical business practice to keep your customers informed of changes and what to expect.

    I have been receiving a email from OnlineCasino but it has nothing in it. All it says is New Post, no links and no explanation. So I am assuming this email is suppose to be a newsletter or a written email letting us know of the up coming changes. Am I wrong in thinking that the email is to inform us of these changes?

    I feel like you have sent it out in email it just has not come through correctly. @admin could you please look at the email with the Notifications on it and make sure that the email content is correct and working correctly.

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    this is new rule for OC so follow all this rule

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    The new rules are not just so everyone follow them. But to stop the ones that are breaking them mostly.

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    This what i’ve mentioned in other topic, about how the mutual beneficiary work in good manner, because we here are help each other, and i my self mark OC as one of the best PTC website, i understand how busy the admin to run the OC, but still we here are counting on them..

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    Yes, Of course, I have noticed this change for forum reply’s points. This is because of the new rules at OC.

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    But I still want to say thanks to admin for that, he/she still providing 5 points.

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    Yes you are right new rules are strict, that’s why very small number of members are active on the oc website.

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