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    I read in Q & A a member posting his delayed payout requested on 16th May my payout is pending requested on 24th May my first 3 payouts were processed fast so why payout is delayed now?

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    Very difficult to say something about payout delayed. I have read at ‘Earn money at OC’, that now payouts will process between 1 to 7 days. But I am also worried about this now. Because payouts are taking more than 7 days. OC staff or Admin should think about it, and make it faster as earlier. I have also make my very first payment to cash out yesterday. Lets see how many days it will take now for me? After receiving my cash I will post my payment proof here at OC.

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    My payout is processed today and I got paid so even though sometimes payout is delayed it is confirmed that OC pays.

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    Good news shirish, well done oc, they are pro. And they always will.

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    Yes. @shirish5 is right. OC always pays, and it’s confirmed.

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    You all are correct. No doubt OC always pays to its members. Just keep patience in case of any kind of delay. There might be multiple reason to OC for such delays.

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    oc always the case there is a delay in the payment to the members do not know why this is so eager admin consider and follow the strict payment within 7 working days that the proposed rules oc to the members so that members do not have to wait long for his payments in oc

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    I do not know why there is a delay in the payment to the member I hope administrators will pay more attention on nayde attract more members in the forum administrators expect to pay early payments for its members

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