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    What do you do if answered in the forum and make the article / blog do not produce points ..?

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    I think you should contact the admin and tell them your problem

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    It happens sometimes but it is automatically corrected afterwards.

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    if you do not do anything you would not get the point

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    The best way when you experience it again is wait, probably it only delay for a while

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    i think this site began scam

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    @shirish5 is right this situation happens but after sometime points automatically updated So be relax

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    waiting may be or you can also contact the admin by email containing related questions

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    In this case, be sure your forum or blog is not approved by admin. But if you see these are approved but not any points till yet, then contact to admin.

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    the points updating is not on real time its just take sometimes to update, if after time the points are not updating then connect the admin

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    Everyone has made some really good points and some really good suggestions.

    I must say that when the Forum topic is approved and shown there is a delay in the points for activities related to it. If I may point out that not too long ago we had people just typing in one or two words to get points. And that type of posting is not allowed. Plus we had people that would use surfing tactics to produce views to their Blog post or forum topic for points.

    So all in all @admin has done a wonderful job of making sure we are correctly credited with the points after they have been Verified as authentic. Again it does take some time to go through all of this for Authentification purpose’s and rest assuered you will get the points if it Verified.

    I would recommend you take time to keep your Blog or Forum Topic up to date and useful with information that will bring others in to participate.


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    @ardodd ? Thank you for you detailed help. Nice efforts dear ! And one more thing that really need to keep in our mind is that, now after new rules, there are limitations on daily basis for almost all activities. So, we should know about these first before making any activity on this site.

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    Wait 24 hours without seeing your points, please contact your admin issue

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