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    Do you know about Slot Machine Reels, if your answer is in NO

    Then read little about it.

    There are usually  22 symbols exist on each reel of slot machine, generally known as physical stops. Today computer technology have minimum of 256 or even sometime more than 256 virtual stops, which are connect to any  one of the existing physical reel symbol.

    Share if you know more about it


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    Thank you so much @post2search for sharing this great and valuable information with us. Before this day, I was really unfamiliar with Slot Machine Slots. Thanks to make me familiar with it.

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    Really nice efforts and sharing by you. @post2search ! Thank you very very much for sharing about this basics of Slots reel with us. This is really new information for me. I really learned many things from your forum topics. Thanks for your all efforts. Keep it up !

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