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    Do you know how to CASHOUT your points ?

    Let me show you a tutorial for it… (also see attached image with this forum topic)

    Steps to keep in mind before going to CASHOUT:

    1. Make sure that you have at-least 5000 points.

    2. Make sure you have set your payment processor already (if you haven’t set it then go to your profile page, click to edit it, choose your payment processor, and then enter your appropriate email address and finally save these changes).

    3. Remember that you can only choose one payment processor at one time. You can’t use both of them at the same time. You can either choose skrill or paypal.

    4. Go to ‘Earn points & convert to $’ page.

    5. Enter ‘CASHOUT’ in ‘recipient’ field.

    6. Enter ‘5000.00’ (might be above this figure).

    7. Hit ‘Cashout’ button.

    8. Done !


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    thanks to your guidance I have understood and have had a payment waiting castout hope that soon I will receive this amount

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