encourage additional points needed for active members

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    to encourage the active members than daily should oc awarded a score or prize incentives for active members of the ocrs

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    I agree with you 100% @hahuutrung about needing extra points for those users that work daily to improve OC.

    I even posted a new way for OC to reward those users and include it into the new $2500 weekly draw. All of which you can find using the search symbol ( magnifying glass ) to read up on it.

    Take time to review the articles I have posted on OC and see what has been posted about improvements. And help me to help @admin understand the importance of these changes by replying your opinion on them. Just look up my profile and look up some the articles..

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    Yes, members need some encouragement for their activities from @admin. I also agree with @ardodd for his weekly draw point, admin will consider and bring all improvement in OC.

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