From how many year or months; you're here as a OC member ? Forums General Discussion From how many year or months; you're here as a OC member ?

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    Please share some info about you. How much; you’re old as a OC member? How much time; you give to OC per day? How much money; You have earned from OC till yet? How OC is giving you rewards based on your contributions? Are you happy for being OC member?

    Please mush reply for this forum !. I hope this topic will be valuable for me and others after your kind contributions.

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    I am here from 2 months approximately. I could not remember exact date. And I am spending 2-3 hours per day depending on my spare times. I have earned total amount of $100 from OC till yet. $50 of which I have received in my pocket and for $50; I am waiting from last one day. And of course ! I am very very very happy for being OC member.

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    I have been involved in more than 1 pc not remember the exact year is the most recent date I was really active on the oc

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