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    My Long time participation in the gambling leads me to the conclusion that Gambling is Horrible Addiction.

    Share your Opinion about it


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    You are correct gambling is horrible addiction just like alcohol or drugs.

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    Hahaha ! Really ? Sorry I am laughing, don’t mind please !… As I have not experience for gambling, that’s why I can’t understand your feeling of addiction.

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    You are 100% correct for saying this ‘gambling is the horrible addiction’. As money is the honey. And this honey is very very horrible and dangerous, which may┬álead us to destruction.

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    edward okereke ogbonnaya
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    I also heard of situation where people cajole gamblers and tag them as losers, claiming that No gambler has a vision, No gambler is creative or ever ready to venture into any lucrative or meaningful business in life.
    people tend to see gamblers as lazy and nonchalant, unreasonable people, please i don’t really see it from that angle, i am a gambler, i play football betting,other betting both online and offline but i am very different from what they say.

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    Rock 223
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    yes,but it can be avoided if we spend only sometime on it

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    Well ! Thanks to share your opinions based on your experience. But; if you will manage your times and other activities then you can hold or control your gambling addiction.

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