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    I have received the first payment from OC. I would like to say thanks to Admin and hope that OC will continue to grow up through time.

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    Congrats John for the first payment OC is no doubt the best site on the net.

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    Good for you JohnTran, i hope you’ll earn more and more in the future

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    congratulations to you John, this may increasingly prove that the OC is a site that can be trusted by its members 🙂

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    No, I have not received any payments till yet.

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    Congrats ! @john Tran. Wish you also best of luck for future.

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    Wow, very nice ! Congrats !

    I am very glad to know this. I hope, I will also complete and get my first payment very soon.

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    I also got my first payment in more than one month ago oc and 2 pending their next payment in the oc

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