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    Dear friends ! Never think so, that OC is now going slow down. It still alive. Just need for your great contribution. So, come again to this site with the great excitements and efforts. And make it as active as it was earlier. In this way we all can help to each other to earn more and more points.

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    Yes @hafiz786 OC is a great platform to earn money it is somewhat slow now but with our combined efforts we can still earn fast here.

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    I think this site become more attractive and active if it introduce more earning ways and also introduce referral earning.

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    @hafiz786 you are absolutely correct. We all need to put great efforts. And no doubt @post2search you’re also right. If OC introduce new ways for earning points, then definitely old members will come back.

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    You are correct @hafiz786. But, you are also inactive now from the last some months. where are you ? Come back and be active as you were earlier. We can make OC again as much active as it was in early days.

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