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    One advantage playing poker has compared to the likes of golf, football or basketball is that people actually have the chance to play against the people they see on TV. You’ll never be playing a game of basketball in the local gym, and have Kobe Bryant walk by and ask to play. You’ll never play some touch football with your buddies from college, and be able to receive a catch from Tom Brady. However with online poker, you can be playing in an NL50 game and have Chris Ferguson or Phil Ivey sit at the table. By looking at the waiting lists or amount of observers when the poker pros are playing, there’s obviously a large interest in this and many poker players, no matter what stakes they play, have had the chance to sit at a table with one of these pros.

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    yes, you are very correct. gamble can win a lot and fast.

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    Anyone ever play on PokerStars?

    I have and had the chance to play at the table with a few of them. And then you realize that will you are setting there in amazement. You know exactly why they call them Pro’s.

    Whether you win or lose you know in your heart ” I want to be there one day “

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    I have never played but reading your post I am interested in playing poker.

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    @shirish5 have you ever played poker before?

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    No, @Ardodd, I never play poker game. But i like this game, and I want to learn about this game.

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    I have played this game but thanks for sharing such information.

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    No @ardodd ? I never played this game anywhere till yet. Even I don’t know how to play this game. I will learn this game very soon and then will try somewhere against pro poker players. And thank you for making topics and guides on this game. I have read some of your newly posted topics regarding Poker guide.

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    Feeling sad for saying that I don’t know, how to play Poker. I never tried to play this game anywhere till yet. But, I want to play. And for it, first I need to learn this game.

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