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    Decide on a loss limit ahead of time and stick to it

    Low-risk gambling is a way of playing with very little chance of losing control. The key to low-risk gambling is to realize that “it’s only a game.”

    Never borrow money for participating in gamble

    Set a time limit

    Take frequent breaks

    Balance gambling with other activities

    Don’t gamble when highly stressed, depressed, intoxicated or troubled in some other way

    Only gamble with money set aside for entertainment, never with money for everyday expenses


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    Very nice tips to control gambling.

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    Very nice to you my dear ! You really share very very useful guide to us. Thank you very much for this useful topic.

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    No doubt, you really share very nice and useful tips to control over the gambling addiction. Thanks for it. Every gambler should have a good planning for gambling and other daily works.

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    edward okereke ogbonnaya
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    i tend to agree with you on this, gambling needs to be balanced with other activities to restrict one from been totally committed and addicted to it, but gambling is a game and as a game is fun. makes one relax and see life diferently.

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    I will strongly agree with you for all of your points and details. You really put very nice efforts to guide addicted gambler. Keep it up …!

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    thank the guidance and share your nice

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