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    simply delicious
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    I am very curious as to know how many people have actually won a good amount at an online casino. I have been playing online casino and real casinos for some time now. I am yet to actually win big. But to me is also like 5000.00. The most I have won at a real casino is like 2000.00. at an online casino it was a little over 2000.00 but there was a playthrough so I couldn’t cash it out. And then of course I lost it because I couldn’t cash out when I normally would have.

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    @simplydelicious ? I never play games for real money. I always play just for fun. So, I have nothing to share with you. I only participate for OC’s activities and tasks etc. And after completing 5000 points, I hit CASHOUT button.

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    Luckily I always remain unlucky while participating in the any online casino’s game. Every time I lose $40-$50 in a day. And after that I quit the gambling games for 3-4 weeks.


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    @simplydelicious I play the games on casinos alot myself and unfortunately like you everytime I get close to the play through threshold I lose it all back.

    I will play the casino games on my Poker Client software as their casino games can be quite loose.

    I play Americascardroom and in the Poker rooms or tournaments I can spend 5 to 6 hours in games to make around $20 – $40. But in their casino games I can play around 30 minutes and win 3 times as much. Only thing is there is no play money games only real money.

    So I would say it all depends on app and the payout for the games.

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    @ardodd I fully agreed with you. The winning at online casino games  totally depends on the predefined winning in game algorithm or game app and on their average payout

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    in gambling winners and losers but also the number of winners and a lot I can not say exact numbers is how much should the winner not be able to answer your question

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