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    How OC can be so much irresponsible? I am waiting for my payment from last 12 days.I am also waiting for their kind reply from the last many days. I have also contact them by ‘Contact Us’ page. But they are not giving me any single reply or response. What’s the reason behind their this irresponsibility?

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    As i mention earlier we are sorry for the delay but we have been busy developing the new upcoming features of the website.

    I hope you understand, Smith!

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    Hello @smith? My dear OC is always responsible for our payments. Sometimes due to some technical issues, payment process may be delayed but it’s not means that OC will not send your payments to you.

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    From my own experience I know that OC is not irresponsible towards members and now as you have received your payout you will also experience it.

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    @shirish5 is absolutely right. OC is responsible in term of payment

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    Yes @shirish5 you’re correct. Now I have experience for it. And now, I know and can say with confidence that OC is 100% trusted and responsible for our payments. And @admin ! Thank you so much for your kind reply and kind action on my payment. Thanks again !

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    thanks admin answers I hope will oc-time payment for the membership and will not delay it again to add members to actively participate in the activities of the oc

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