I wanna make 5000 points, but how?

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    I want to make 5000 points, but how can I be successful.

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    Work consistently and have patience you will definitely earn.

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    Exactly the same way you have made 1 061.00 points

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    Guy! I am sure it can be easily done with constant and serious work. I joined this site less than a month

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    optimally and have patience

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    Work at OC continuously and consistently. Make as much points per day as you can.

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    Just do work hard continuously.

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    Every member wants to make 5000 points. But they are not so easy to make instantly. We should do all activities on this site for which there are points as reward.

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    to get 5000 points in oc is not so much a problem you just spend a day winter fho 2h to join the activities of the oc is you can earn 5,000 points within 15 days

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