If you professional, what will you do?

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    If you a professional gambler, and win alot before, but at some stage, because of certain circumstances, you dont have any money, not because you lost gamble. If you face such condition, Will you borrow a money to play gamble?

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    I don’t want to gamble from the debt. If I don’t have money, I’ll be looking for a gambling game with capital as small as possible.

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    M40N3. Agree with you, if you are a professional gamblet, you can begin with a bit money in bankroll.

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    gambling need luck, not necessarily professional will triumph. I will always careful

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    dani awa
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    no play if havent free money

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    I probably would not do it, I’ll play if it is money alone is not the result of a loan

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    @M40N3 Agreed with you!!!! I never borrow the money for gambling

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    if I m proffetional I search for other way to win more point and earn money

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    Yes, if I am professional and I believe now on my luck and adopted strategies to win, then I will borrow money.

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    @bernardbear ! very nice my dear ! you really asked a good question from all gamblers. I am not a gambler, but let me assume myself as a professional gambler, then I say, Yes I will borrow money from one of my best friends who trust on me.

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    @bernardbear in order for one to answer your question in a professional manner it will take someone that does gamble. So here I go:

    How does a Professional Poker Player  (ae. Gambler ) get money to play on.

    • Borrow from Family
    • Borrow from Friends

    Now that is what everybody assumes a Professional Gambler would do it. As we all know you can’t to bank and ask for a Loan to gamble on. So most people assume well they must get it from their family and friends and tell them they gonna give it back when they win.

    How does a Professional Gambler get money to Gamble with?

    Look at No-No’s:

    • Family and friends don’t loan money out to gamble on.
    • Friends sometimes will be almost 99% of anybody’s friends will not loan out money to gamble on.
    • Banks don’t give out Gambling Loans plain and simple.

    So How do Professional (Poker,Casino Gamblers) get the money to play with?  

    • They go to place where other gamblers are willing to loan out the money.
    • They go to Forums for Gamblers that will loan them the money for a percentage of the winnings. Plus the Loaner will require the borrower to re-pay the loan and percentage of winnings.
    • They go place on Facebook that have other gamblers that will loan them the money to play. And the same thing applies as they have to repay the debt and a percentage of winnings back.

    For Example: 

    ardodd needed $25.00 to get into a $7500.00 Guaranteed Tournament. So how would he find the money to play with if he just did not have it at that time. ardodd would look on Forums and some Facebook groups and ask if there is anyone willing to loan or (stake) him.

    What happens is say @hafiz786 and @shrish5 both have the money for him to play with. So ardodd gets a proposal from both, @hafiz786 says he can do the Loan (Stake) for 50/50 plus investment back. And then he gets a proposal from @shirish5 which he offers ardodd the money to play but his proposal is 60/40 plus investment back.

    Now ardodd has some thinking to do.

    My question is out of @hafiz786 and @shirish5 proposal which one is the best deal?

    So if you don’t understand then ask your questions and I will try to answer them.

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    if I was a professional gambling I would play with those with a higher level so I can learn more in gambling

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