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    Today I am here to share with you all … How hours/days are increasing for my last payment of $50 to process. I am going to share some screenshots of different dates/days.

    1. When I made this payment then it was 10th April 2016. (see image 1) which shows that my payment will be credited in “3 days” only.

    2. After 2 days (on 3rd day) I again check my payment status then it was 13 April 2016. (see image 2) which says that my payment will be credited in “5 hours” only.

    3. Then I waited for 12 days after 13 Apri 2016 to 25 April 2016. And on that day I again checked my payment status and I was surprised/amazed to see this result. See image 3 which shows that my payment will be credited in “2 weeks”.

    4. Today is 27 April 2016 and still showing 2 weeks for my payments. (see image 4)

    I think @admin really need to do care for our payments. Please @admin pay your attention for payments processes and make it as much fast as it was in early days of OC. As I have read in forum section that in old days members were getting their payments in few hours or within 3 days only. Then what happened with your system now a days. Why so much delays….??? Please take care about it. I am sure you will really bring my request in your kind considerations. Stay Blessed !!

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    @Guddu ? Feeling sad for your payment…

    But I can only request to @admin to process all pending payments as soon as possible. All members whose are waiting for their payments really need to have patience at this time. As we all know OC team and @admin are so much busy for making some improvement to this site. They all are busy for us and for this site. Definitely they will process all payments meanwhile.

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    I am a new member of the oc and heard so many people talk about the delay of payment for the members of the forum I hope administrators will soon overcome the payment to pay for the membership in accordance with what has Forums oc record from 1 to 7 working days

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    Yes I also hope so that @admin will focus on their payment processors as well.

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