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    In my opinion Admin must introduce new feature of time line so that members can communicate with each other and share some suggestion or ask any thing directly to the specific member.

    Do You Agree with this suggestion?

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    Yes, that great idea.

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    Like social media? what do you think other members?

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    I think this topics is already resolved and explain by admin.

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    @homhahonk yes I am talking about TimeLine that is just Like Social media Timeline

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    Of course, I am 100% agreed with you. And request to admin, please add this feature, that we can communicate with each other easily when we need.

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    Time line feature ? Just like facebook? Not a bad idea. But for this OC really need to re-develop this site. I think so….

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    If such type of feature should be available then members can easily communicate with each other

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    yeah adding a timeline feature will make oc the best social networkig website

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    admin can tell this already about this no need to further dicussion

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