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    Is it rule that we should add tags while making new question?

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    yes, I think. It is necessary to add tags while making any new question.

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    We should add the tag because the the other members can answer easily for this question.

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    @Smith the reason the tags is there is to help search engines find the keywords easily. And there they can look at the post or forum topic and pull those words and any relevant text to index it for other users to find on search engines.

    Take for example: Keyword “Casino game”

    Say I write a new Forum Topic about Casino Games.

    In this article or Forum about the different types of Casino Games and told a little about each one. Well once I publish this Forum Topic it is then visited by search engines that are looking for the keyword “Casino Game” and how it is used in the article. And once the search engine index’s the site looking all relevant information it shows it to users that are looking for that keyword.

    It is not a Rule to have to use them NO.

    It helps OC and ourselfs for taking the time to add our keywords.

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    @ardodd is 100% correct for what he said about tags and their uses. I will strongly agree with @ardodd for saying that.

    But we are still able to post new question without any tag.

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    @MirzaBilal you are 100% correct we can post without using the “keywords”

    If I am thinking about it I usually put some in there if I remember it.

    If you see one that does not have any, just stop and add a few to it to help with the being seen on search engines..

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