Learn Texas Hold'em Poker Step-by-Step Guide

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    Learn Texas Hold’em Poker Step-by-Step Guide

    Poker is a exciting and rewarding game that has its ups and downs. And when it comes to Poker and Playing or Learning Texas Hold’em Poker you want to know as much as you can before Playing. Now there are many, many, many Poker Schools out there that are Creditable and Worthy of Learning from. I myself started years ago through PokerStars Poker School Online (PSO) and learned from their Course’s that they had. I learned and played at the same time in their Poker League Games. And eventually moved up to their Rookie League and Pro League’s. But it took lots of hours of studying and playing to move up as each level comes with higher stakes and lose’s.

    So keeping this in mind I just wanted to start out by doing a simple Step-by-Step Guide for Playing Texas Hold’em Poker. As each section will have its own detailed topic and course that everyone can follow by. I will try to bring Introductory Videos that show about the Topic and what is going on. As this Forum Topic is about Learning and through the efforts of Poker Player MG and Pokerology.com I will be adding more to this Forum as for discussion of the whole Learning process.

    Please allow time for each Topic to be Released before asking questions as most of the questions will be covered in detail on that Topic. Also if you have specific questions about a particular Topic please post it on that Forum Topic.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Learning How to Play Texas Hold’em PokerĀ 

    Basics for Beginners:

    • Introduction to Texas Hold’em Poker
    • Texas Hold’em Poker Basic Rules
    • Rankings of Poker Hands
    • Term’s used in Poker
    • Poker Hand Rankings
    • Selection of Starting Poker Hands
    • Basics for Betting in Texas Hold’em Poker (when to go All-in, when to just call, when to fold)
    • Typical Mistakes made by Beginners
    • How to Read the Board with other players involved.
    • Why you should bet certain hands.

    As this is just a beginning for the fountain of knowledge needed to play Poker. But it is the Foundation that is needed to be able to play effectively and be a winning Poker Player. I will be adding more to this Forum Topic in later issue’s so for now Good Luck on the Felt.

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    Very nice to you @ardodd. Thanks to make such guides. I am very excited to learn about Poker. I will wait for your next topics for Poker. And Please explain all these terminologies in details for us. Thanks you !

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    Thanks for providing us this guide have a nice work it contain a lot of information.

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