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    Big Two is a popular card game and is also known as Big Deuce, Big 2, Top Dog, “The Hannah Game” (used in Canada), Da Lao Er, Sho Tai Ti, Chor Dai Di, Dai Di, Cap Sa (Hokkien), and Pusoy Dos.

    It is very popular in Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and played by 4 players. Each player will be dealt with 13 cards and the objective of the game is to be the first to get rid of the cards.

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    Wow. Interesting game !. Thank you @post2search for sharing this interesting game with us. Can you please also tell us, which casino include this game?

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    Today I learn many new and basics things for this game; just because of you. Thank you very very much to share such a useful info about this game.

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