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    Make Forum Section named as ” Reviews”

    Where the members share the Short review for different casino and gambling. Moreover allowed to ask the any game or casino review

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    Nice idea ! @admin ? please add this section to forums. Thank you @post2search for your nice idea.

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    Really nice idea my dear you gave. @admin should think about it to implement on this site.

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    yes making a section with the name REVIEWS will give out the difference between blog and reviews

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    This is good to share knowledge which helps other members

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    YES It would be awesome to add a section labeled review… So that every visitor can know reviews about the new CASINO games and by this OC can have a huge fan base regarding reviews

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    I would say that it is a good suggestion. And at the same time I would say it is not.

    Why Not?

    • The reviews would not be optimized for good search engine ranking.
    • The reviews would be full of referral links for other casino’s.
    • The reviews would create a conflict with OC promotion of Casino’s.

    What would be a good alternative?

    • For @admin to create a Sub-Domain.
    • The Sub-Domain could cover other Casino’s not related to OC.
    • The Sub-Domain would not have a Earn money on it.
    • The Sub-Domain would allow users to include their referral links.

    To be honest about adding links for other Casino’s is not in the best interest of OC. As the links provided by OC are how we Earn money on OC. And when we add links to other Casino’s not related to OC’s then we don’t know if they are Trusted sites or not.

    @admin do you have anything to add to why or why not have other casino referral links on OC? 

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    This idea is really good, so there is need to discuss in oc

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