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    Maximum amount one can Win at any Online Casino?

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    @post2search this is going to be an impossible one to answer as each casino offers its own version of winnings. And Casinos are not like the Lottery where many states or countries can buy into it. So I am not going to be able to help here as the outcome of such guessing is improvable.

    But I will let others see if they can guess at it.

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    @post2search I also can’t guess at it as @ardodd said is correct each casino has its own version of winning.

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    If these members, I mean @ardodd and @shirish5 are saying that this is impossible to guess about it. Then, how I can guess? As I have very little experience as compared to @shirish5 and @ardodd. They both are correct, every casino has its own worth and own limits for winnings per member or per day.

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    @post2search this is a very Topic to discuss. But the range is way to broad for all of us to even guess at.

    There are way to many variables for slots to calculate a probable outcome for any one machine or any set of machines.

    • As it has take into consideration how many players
    • How much was bet on each hand or spin
    • How many machines there are.
    • How many times someone comes close but did not hit the jackpot.
    • Total number of money invested.
    • Total number of smaller payouts made.

    I am not a math wiz and can not give a answer with a proper calculation.

    users x money bet x times played x total number of users x total number of machines = unknown

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    as I know the maximum amount to win in the online game is no limit depending on how much you want to play the game

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