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    Well keep one thing in your mind that there are no such hard and tough or frills and trumps rules that you need to following while playing this very plain and simple game.

    By paying the amount of 2 euros you’ll get the one Scratch card of Tribble. After get this Scratch card, for revealing out your fortune, simply you need to scratch away the panels.

    Your winning depends on what you get under your panels, if you should remain successful in making of the winning combination then you get the show up multiplier after scratching off the panel at the bottom having the notice of “YOU Have WON”.

    This multiplier may show up anything which should be upto 10 times. Even it should show you, your’s tiny winning’s after you revealed all the important and necessary multiplier.


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    Thank you so much @post2search to share about this game. It would be more better if you share link of this game.

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    Thanks for posting the method of this game i really did not know about it.

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    Thank you to share what I was looking for so long

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