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    If admin is considering more ways to earn points for members why not include some games which will earn points.

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    Good idea shirish.

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    great idea :)

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    yes I think it is an idea that makes sense

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    I agree with this, a very good idea

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    The whole idea is to promote the oc. How about facebook share point?

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    @shirish5 your idea is good.

    Well I think Admin has already announce that he/she will launch new earning ways on/after 15th April.


    So Wait for 15th April

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    Comment on blogs, questions and answers, forum, referral links, banner ads

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    Hey, ardodd made a good suggestion, he’s brilliant

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    If I may make a suggestion. Tonight at the end of the day set down and lol at your Points History. Write down what all you did to get points, and look at the last few days also.

    Then look where you spent most of your time getting points. Then look at where you spent the least amount of time getting points. And see where you stand in the current system that OnlineCasino is providing.

    We should lol within the means we have to do the best we can everyday to participate and build OnlineCasino.

    So if you spend most of your time in the Forum commenting and making 5 points per comment most of the time, then figure out what you need to maximum points from it. Then lol at how much time you spend creating new Forum Topics and Q&A for Points. So if you need to adjust your time spent on points then make it in those areas. When You lol at where you get points also remember to include Posting comments on Blogs, as it is the most productive points, but also remember if you have left a comment go back and read it again looking at others comments and see what they liked or pointed out about the review that you liked. And comment about their comment and tell them thanks for their reply and for pointing out something you missed.

    So what I am saying is instead of asking for more stuff look at what you do everyday and maximize your presents and participation on OnlineCasino everyday.

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    After the introducing new regulations the earn of Oc has slow down and even the decrease per day so they is a lot need of new ways of earning.

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    @post2search the new system is,in place to help us earn a steady return. The reason it is limited is because so,many people were cheating so bad that it left a deep hole. Now in order for OnlineCasino to maintain its presents online and on Facebook they have restructured OnlineCasino to be more steady flow of information.

    OnlineCasino is not a Get Rich place as we have to work to earn and learn from.

    I believe one can make decent points everyday if they focus on participating and not on how,many points they can get. If you can participate and make 500 points a day then I am jumping for joy with you. But if you,can only make 250 points or less a day then I,am even more happy.

    I guess what I am trying to say to everyone is that if your only goal is to get points you won’t last long. If you are here to participate and help others and your goal is to help them. Then you become a part of OnlineCasino community and help each other out in someway everyday.

    Hope everyone understands OnlineCasino does not have to give points for participating and I am,Thankful for I do get.

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    I think it is a good suggestion.

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    @shirish it’s really a great idea, admin should think about it. And @ardodd you’re superb my dear to explain yourself like always….

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    continuously providing information about oc will earn u more points

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    @ardodd? very nice dude…. You are really superb as @hafiz786 said. You are absolutely right for your explanation.

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    you raise a very good point for the admin. He should include the new games for members.

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    Very nice idea. @admin should add some games which we can play with our points and after winning we can get 2x points. I hope, very soon @admin will think about such games to add on OC for members.

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    Your idea is very good but there is a game to earn points in oc is not a simple process takes a lot to look at games that have a member with the current situation or not

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    games to earn extra points now I only see every form of lottery players also do not see any more other games in the oc

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