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    Just provide the required details about ur skrill account to the support team..

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    You need to contact support for help.

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    You really need to do contact with Skrill Customer Support Team. Only they can help you.

    I can only suggest you that, check your personal info for 100% correction. May be they ask you for you National Identity Card or Passport Card. Then send any one of these to them.

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    @smith is right, you should contact to their support Center and tell your problem.

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    Sorry I cannot help you regarding any issue with your skrill account. You need to contact to their customer support team.

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    bởi vì trong tài khoản của bạn chưa được xác nhận là đã bị hạn chế

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    Sorry I cannot help you any more for Skrill account. You should contact to Skrill team to help / assist you.

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