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    Dear Admin,

    When we see the weekly draw it’s interesting method to earn money. But if there’s no objection can you added winner to 10th. And about 6th-10th the prize is points, how big the points is up to admin decision. If this idea is implemented i’m sure all member will happy because they have oppurtunity to won the weekly draw. And for new member will be give big efforts for the site (OC) and they will have experience to cashout and know if OC is trusted site.

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    Yes it is a good idea, with the addition of the weekly winners will motivate members to participate in a lottery, because their chances of winning the weekly draw to be larger

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    @Dado your ideas are always very good and appreciating. By implementing this the healthy competition should grow.

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    @Dado ! Really a nice idea my dear. But I think, OC will never implement this idea. As weekly draws are already for the inactive members , not for us. Are you understanding , what I am trying to say ?????

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    Really great idea ! @admin ? Please think about this idea to implement for us. I hope @admin will give preference to your given idea.

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    I’m looking forward to going back weekly draw, but until now have not seen anything more info

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