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    This month number of new members is increased do you think due to the increase in number of members the earnings will be increased as there will be more participation in every section of OC.

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    @@shirish I don’t think there will be a increase in amount of points earn per task.

    You will see increase in activity and opportunities to participate. And your overall points will go up as others participate and you become more involved with them and the content.

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    for all new member
    Be serious and Dynamics

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    In my experience the growth of member in OC is not equal with our earning points but I’m still hoping the best for us and OC

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    More and more new members, it is increasingly difficult to collect points. First of referrals we received 250 points, now 150. I expect growth in the number of members, will give a positive value for us.

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    One of the concerns is the deduction in points for participation. And though we may lose a little in points we gain in activity from participating.

    Always remain positive.

    Participate in all discussions and earnings will make their way back. The reason the earnings where very high was to get new members in to participate and it will find a level that is worthy of earning soon.

    We are paid to participate so I am happy to be able to participate and get paid at the same time.

    Thanks @admin

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    Yes, @shirigh5 you’re right. But very sad for saying that, member’s activities are going/slowing down day by day.

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    @shirish5 and @hafiz786, both of you are correct. All the old and newbies should participate in almost all the sections of OC. In this way all we can make enough points on daily basis.

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    No doubt, with the increase of new members, we can get more chances to do more activities to earn more points. But, now a days, there is no any new and old member is active. OC is going with very slow speed in these days. All new and old members should come back to OC again to make it as active as it was previously.

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    yes I am very concerned that the situation oc increasingly worse so versatile SSO former members were no longer active than before and there are very few new members in these results is the problem oc worrying

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    I see a lot more contractions in oc new members but these members they do not work or do not know the records confirm why

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