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    I have noticed that for last few days members are not asking or less new Question and Same is case with new forum topic.

    Can you give the reason for it?

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    Their is less activity in Q & A, forums because many members are blocked by admin for posting spam. Existing members are very cautious while posting.

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    May be @shirish5 you’re right. But I noticed from the day of new rules, members are making few activities just. From that day just few members tried new questions or new forum topic. I don’t know the exact reason for this. But it’s the truth.

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    I think you both are right. @hafiz786 and @shirish5. But now a days, almost all the members are active I think.

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    I think there are two reasons for this

    1st new rules are very strict so member are not trying for the activities.

    2nd a very small amount of members which are active on the oc website.

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