OC should introduce new methods to earn more points.

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    OC should introduce new methods and ways to earn more points easily. And also should reduced the days limits for approving our activities. And also should reduce the max.days for sending our payments to us. In this way, I think, OC can get more members activities with great potential.

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    I agreed with you. OC must have to introduce the new way of earning.

    Yes you are right by increasing the earning ways/method and reducing the payment days and also reducing activities approval days shall increase the interest of members

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    You both are correct. I hope @admin will think about your ideas and suggestion. Definitely, this will cause to bring back the members to OC.

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    I also hope admin will add some more points for the method for members or raise giá»› limit for these members point to the situation when the number of members in the oc suddenly dropped slowly forward admin important to take measures to improve improvement of the situation of the member has been inactive for several days

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    I totally agree with your idea you should be measures to boost phpa than oc forum

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