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    One suggestion to all members !!!

    Please, keep your user name (by which you’re login to OC) and your screen name (by which other members see you easily) similar to each other. For example, I have user name ‘hafiz786’ and my screen name is also ‘hafiz786’.

    I am saying for it, because, in this way other members can tag you easily. As tag feature is working only for the username. That’s why sometimes when I tried to tag @smith (i mean @davis1189) then I was failed to tag him, as tagged name is not changed to the direct link to his user profile page.Then to tag @smith I have to always visit this profile to see his username. So, if you guys will use both names as same, then all members can tag you easily without doing any extra effort.

    And keep in mind, it’s not a RECOMMENDATION, it’s just a suggestion. Please try to understand !

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    Nice suggestion @hafiz786, my login and screen name are the same.

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    Very nice suggestion, we already apply this today on new registrations.

    The Display Name and Username it will be the same for new users.

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    Thanks dear @admin to consider my suggestion as nice to implement.

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    Really nice suggestion you gave @hafiz786. Thank you !

    You are correct I always failed to tag @smith. Today I have know how to tag such members whose username and display name are not similar. Today I learned that @smith ‘s username is @davis1189 and also learned how to see this username. Thank you ! for this guide. You topic is not only a suggestion,but also a very useful guide.

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    it is a good idea, thank you very much

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