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    you can view the list of members currently online and named new members registered in the oc last time by clicking the “Members Directory”

    3rd column at the top of the forum

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    @hahuutrung thanks for sharing this other members.

    If I may make suggestion try to make your Post more interesting by making the Topic more desirable for readers.


    “How to Find Members on OC”

    That title makes it more desirable for readers to want to know about finding others members. In my years of writing and helping other websites create a reputation this is a good start. When you can help someone find what they are looking for that is helping and building a reputation for yourself.


    So on your next Post try to look at it from the readers question, not yours. You know how to do it and now just use the “How to” so others know.

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    I am very happy @ardodd that you are back and thanks for suggestion regarding the forum post actually many members here are non-English and due to which it becomes difficult for them to express their thoughts some of them use translators which make the topic more difficult to understand to others so it is essential to members to improve English to make quality posts.

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    yes thank Professor reminders and useful advice of members @ardodd

    I will pay more attention to their titles to the members find attractive when he saw the headline and will read it

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    Hello @shirish5

    And @hahuutrung you are doing a wonderful job.

    What I find in most sites that when users want to post they are forced to use the English language which in my opinion is not right. Seeing that the translation may not reflect what the  writer is actually saying. That is why I am against forcing members to participate in a language they do not use all the time.

    I myself would be very upset if I had to speak hindu language and did not know how to or arabic language. It makes no sense to force people to do something they do not have knowledge of.

    This Forum for example is why we should be able to write in our language and then when someone wants to read it they can translate into their own language. Meaning it is less pressure on the writer to find the right words to put into the sentence.

    @admin I know it has been sometime since I have been back on the wagon with WordPress but is it possible for the writer to enter the Content of their Post in their own language and for those us that use a different language to be able to view it in our own language. Correct me if I am wrong as there is a Plug-in that translate the content into the preferred language of that user.

    @admin can you please see if you can install a language translator for all users?

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