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    Can you (admin) please add perfect money to your payment methods in order to assist some people living in countries where the paypal is not allowed?

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    Admin will definitely consider adding some more payment options.

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    Skrill maybe..

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    more choices of better

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    This time no. this time payment methode is Paypal and skrill.

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    I think paypal is used around the world

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    Good idea ! May be admin will think about this in future. Although, paypal and skrill are good choices for payment.

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    Not a bad idea. But sorry to say, I think skrill and paypal are enough to payouts.

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    If paypal is not working the skrill is the second option which is provided by OC.

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    Perfect Money is also a method of payment or and very good but I found just 2 methods of payment are PayPal patio that oc naytren and Skrill are more than enough to let the members do not need to add new methods to do half

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