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    Point Lost Even On Submission of Comments, Marked as Spam.


    What’s happening with me?

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    Anjith Reddy Mamidi
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    Got the same problem

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    I also experienced the same thing as ardod my comments in a blog article on spam, please consider to be restored also

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    I know it seems really tough right now. And with all the spam comments that some offenders are doing. It is not wise to make comments on the Blog right now. We have to try and find a different way to earn here at OnlineCasino.


    I guess I started a can of worms by asking to have my comment on a blog reviewed. And with @admin giving me credit for my participation and my always leaving very lengthy comment knew I was sincere.

    And I feel it is my fault now everyone that made a comment wants the same treatment as I was given.

    It was not my intent to get to get the Points they give me. But only to have my 25 points restored and credit for the comment of 25. I did not expect their graciousness and the points they give me for the mistake.

    @admin I would ask that you take the extra points given to me and credit the people that have experienced the same problem.

    There is no need to have to give everyone points when it was a simple problem that cheaters have cost OnlineCasino.

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    @ardodd thanks as you are offering the @admin for distributing extra points among other members Who are same such problem.

    I am not asking to give my previous points, I just want that I GET My all points as per rules of Oc for my future activities,

    hoping @admin should notice it !!!

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    I am in agreement that it is stated in the new rules about the Points for commenting and the points for other commenting on ours. Hopefully admin will review this and correct the problem soon.

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    @Ardodd, no doubt you’re always right. And I can only say to @Shahzadmalik  ! wich you best of luck dude !, But try to put very very useful comments for blog. Each comment is reviewed by admin, and approved by him. I’m also amazed how is it possible that comment is approved but with negative points. May be there will be some logical error in OC system of calculations.

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    I have read somewhere posted by admin that “now this issue ‘marked as spam’ for comments has resolved”. So now you can post comments without any fear. But it’s not mean that you can be successful for posting any useless comment.

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    You should contact to @admin for this issue. As I have read that @admin has resolve this issue.

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