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    Few weeks ago there was alot of good policies that I have giving the benefits to the members in terms of point.

    But In last two weeks the numbers of policies have changed And one of them is

    Before the OC policy change members are getting points when some comment on their forum topic or on Question. Now we are not getting the points for it.

    Now we Only getting the points for  view of good.

    Do you think this change is good or bad  ? (mention reason )

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    From the day I started OC I get points for view and not for comments.

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    Obviously these changing are bad for us. But may be there is a big reason for OC’s admin to make these changings.

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    Sorry to say, but I cannot say that these new policies are bad. I know that old policies were most member friendly. But its  not means that new policies are totally bad for us. These are also members friendly at somehow level. OC changed these policies due to the heavy number of abusers on this site.

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    I also think that current / existing rules and limits are not so much tough and tight for us. We are still able to make good enough points on daily basis.

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    Here are the new rules into vienphai should all accept it is very sad but can not earn more than the last point but try to persevere every day members also earn up to 500 points

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