Points to view blog post decreased.

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    Points to view blog post is decreased to 1 point per view previously we were getting 5 points per view.

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    realy ??
    that’s good news by the way

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    I also feel what you feel shirish5.

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    @@shiris5 remember that last week we went from 4000 members to over 5000 members in a short time. The reason for that is because people found out that OnlineCasino does pay. And since that time there have been so many people just running all around OC just posting anything and asking anything. And most of it was just maybe 5 words so they could get points. And how many new Members have you seen go from 300 points to 3000 points almost overnight.

    Well that is why we it is falling on us now to make sure that if we want to stay and earn points for things we have been doing that we create quality content and have interaction with our viewers so they will come back.

    Plus it is going to separate the point seekers from the the quality members, as it won’t take long for them to give up if they can’t make 1000’s of points a day.

    I am not here because I only want points for money but I am here to contribute and learn from this community we call OnlineCasino.

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    @shirish5 agreed with you. This all happens as @ardodd said. Here newbie and even some of old members have tried to get number of points by simply asking some small and meaningless thing and even in forum they all had posting very smallest and silly thing. That’s why the admin have changed OC policy.


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    OC use the more member and this reason points decreased.

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    @Ardodd. Your explanation is very nice. Indeed, some of us have made a mistake. May we all recognize and immediately put an end to this error.

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    Well Dear There are New regulations coming very soon, Points for different activities have decreases.

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    Great explaination @ardodd, actually i have same assumtion with you. Large number of member is mean many head with different types and habits. But maybe in other side admin can more wise if the minimum payments is deducted to $10 – $25 each day.

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    @ardodd, thanks for your useful explanations. Yes I think 1 point for viewing is consistent because it is very easy to do.

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    I hope everyone would realize that we maybe limited and our Points for participation have gone down. But if you follow the rules and apply simple practices everyday your Points will still be there. So what if we are limited to maybe 50 points for viewing anything on OC. And look how many points we get for commenting. If you can do that in one day you have made plenty of points. If you run out of points for commenting and viewing take that time to read up on others post and Forum Topics or as I call them Mini Blogs.

    Find questions people want answered. See if there is new questions you have about blogs or forum post. We still get points for asking questions and answering others questions.

    And if you are able to complete all those for Points then head on over to the Blog and read up on the articles on there. Make some comments and earn more points.

    So don’t think you are being robed of points because it is limited, but think inside the lines.

    Have you read every Blog or Forum Post?

    Have you answered every question?

    Have you replied to all you Mini Blogs?

    This is a Great place to be have patience and learn from others mistakes.

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    Now again rules are changed. Now there is not any point for any kind of page views per day.

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    But I think, now there is not any point for any kind of view or page view on this site.

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    @smith is correct for what he said. Now there is no any point for any kind of pages views. If I am wrong then please correct me.

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    But, now there is no any point for any kind of views of Blogs and other activities. @admin has omitted all such rules from this site. So, now don’t look for such kind of points.

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    I do not know why this is happening these regulations were changed point we must accept it

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    I do not know because the blog is no longer posted by members of the oc

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